Our industry-leading software provides the Common Platform for product data management by interfacing with all types of CAD models and measuring devices in real-time, enabling manufacturers to seamlessly and fully conduct the functions of part design and machining. Verisurf software combined with your measuring device provides a simple 3D Gage for quickly and accurately measuring parts and comparing them to the nominal CAD model. In effect, you streamline manufacturing processes from start to finish while meeting today’s strict demands in quality control.

  • MDM (CNC document manager)
    Manage, transfer and access CNC programs, setup sheets, tool lists, pictures and other essential information directly on the shop floor.
  • Machine Simulation (Simulation and verification)
    Simulate CNC machines in a virtual 3D environment to help avoid costly mistakes. ELIMINATE COSTLY PROGRAMMING MISTAKES.
    Draw 2D geometrical contours, lay out toolpaths for mill and lathe, and simulate the resulting NC program.
  • TEACHWARE (CNC E-learning Solution)
    Designed for use in educational institutions to introduce students to working with digital machine tools.

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